Digital Recording and Review

Netwatch provides for high quality digital video recording of CCTV images integrated onto a workstation for rapid recovery and review of data

Time sychronisation across the whole network to provide replay from multiple recorders located anywhere on the system, simultaneously.
Individual camera frame capture rate for each input
Integration with mapping for selection of recordings to be reviewed, enabling the operator to recall images from an area not just from a particular camera.
Dual recording to enable data to be stored in more than one location providing backup images.
Continuous data logging of all system activity, providing data records of the system activity which may be downloaded with the video data providing an audit trail.
Frame integration for picture stability and better night vision
View live and playback simultaneously of multiple scenes
Copy still images to clipboard for inclusion in reports
Flash memory recorders for rapid temporary deployment
Transport approved ruggedised recorders for trains, busses etc.
ADST distributes equipment, hardware and software to installation companies. ADST also offer a design, integration and commissioning service for installers with limited knowledge of IT distributed systems
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