Integrated Security Systems  


Integrated Security Systems
  At GSG Systems we specialise in providing state of the art integrated security systems, based around advanced IP CCTV network technologies and powerful digital enhancement and analysis software.  
  These systems provide users with finger-tip control of PTZ and thermal imaging camera resources, across wide geographical locations, from a central command post or mobile units. Leading edge digital analysis technologies enable real-time threat identification and assessment, even in zero-visibility situations; and comprehensive auditing software will prepare and document video evidence.  
  Our systems bring all essential aspects of visual security, from threat identification, alarm monitoring and event recording, to digital analysis and evidence preparation, all under one roof; not only maximaising efficiency, but dramatically saving time and costs.  
  GSG Systems' IP CCTV and advanced video analysis systems are suitable for a wide range of boundary and zone security management requirements, for such diverse users as:  
  Airports and Railway Terminals  
  Docks and Freight Distribution Centres  
  Utility Companies  
  Local Authorities  
  Corporate and Financial Services  
  Law Enforcement  
  Immigration and Customs & Excise  
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